Ideal Clean – Just Gone Systems – Ideal Clean eliminates Odors, Allergens and Mold for homeowners and businesses in Castro Valley, CA at a fraction of the cost!

Green Sanitizing Solutions to Eliminate Odor, Allergen and Mold within 24Hrs for 1/2 of the Cost of other systems.

Ideal Clean helping homeowners and companies  to eliminate Odors, Allergens and Mold in Castro Valley, CA.


About Ideal Clean. Green Sanitizing Solutions to Eliminate Odor, Allergen and Mold.

Service Areas:

  • Castro Valley, CA
  • Oakland, CA
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  • Pleasanton, CA & Surrounding area in Tri-Valley Area

I’ve said from the very beginning. Ideal Clean is not a cleaning company. We are a Solutions company.

Ideal Clean specializes in providing Fast and Cost Effective SOLUTIONS TO YOUR ODOR, ALLERGEN AND MOLD PROBLEMS. That’s why our web domain has “solutions” in it.

Ideal Clean was created with a focus of providing green, Eco Friendly and non-toxic solutions to the common problems of odor, allergen and mold to homeowners and businesses in Castro Valley, CA and the Tri-Valley Area.

Although we are a new company in Castro Valley, CA, our experience is extensive, having started in the cleaning industry 15 years ago, and now with a combined experience of 18 years, encompassing the areas of cleaning, sanitizing, odor removal, stain removal, mattress cleaning, janitorial, pet urine cleaning and decontamination.


We believe in education and continual training so we can best serve you. In addition to our continual training in the cleaning industry with Reputable Certification Organizations such as the IIRCR, and Mold Certification PMII, we have developed an unique system specific to clean mattresses, as there is no current formal mattress cleaning system. This unique mattress cleaning system, called True Steam Systems

was born out of a need of the many customers to have mattresses cleaned due to allergies, stains and or bio-decontamination. This this proprietary mattress cleaning system was carefully and thoughtfully developed over the past 2 years to use only safe products and an EPA approved sanitizing mattress cleaning equipment to deeply clean a mattress from allergens, stains and bio-contamination.

True Steam Mattress Cleaning System for Deep Cleaning, Stain Removal, Allergen Treatment and Odor Elimination

Most people spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on a mattress, but few think of getting it regularly cleaned, until their mattresses are infested with allergens, or when that untimely accident happens. Before our Mattress Cleaning System was developed, customers were forced to either live with allergens, stains and contamination, or hire a maid or carpet cleaner to clean their mattresses. The results were less than optimal. Either way, more often than not, the mattress did not get properly cleaned, whether the cleaning person used harsh chemicals that stayed in the mattress and exacerbated allergies, or the carpet cleaner over wet the mattress, leading to further microbial contamination and possible mold. Now, when customers need their mattresses cleaned, they can call Ideal Clean and rest assured that with True Steam Mattress Cleaning System, they can preserve their mattress investment and sleep better every night.

Allergy and Odors Issues in the Home

Also, over the past 2 years, we have noticed that many instances where customers encountered odor issues that didn’t get better, or that got worse after a cleaning service. For example, it is not uncommon for customers had their carpets cleaned, to experience malodor, sometimes worse than than prior to cleaning. Odor Contamination in the Carpets: Odor issues are a very common problem with homes that have pets. When pets are present in the home, carpets get infiltrated with pet hair and sometimes pet biocontamination (urine, feces). Improper  and insufficient cleaning can lead to over wetting of the carpet pad which tends to make allergies worse as it allows for bacterial activity to increase due to increased moisture on the flooring. Or in the case of urine contamination, if not properly treated, the contamination will spread and continue to give off odors whenever moisture is introduced into the contaminated fibers and pad. Often times, instead of removing carpet contaminants (pet hair and urine), it is common for carpet cleaners to try to overcompensate for an odor by using harsh chemicals and cover up fragrances that only make the problem worse. And this problem does not go away, it only gets worse and this mistake can be a costly one for you.

Harsh Carpet Cleaning Chemicals- These harsh chemicals pollute the indoor air, often making those sensitive to chemicals get allergic reactions. Also, these chemicals are very difficult to be removed from carpets, being that carpets are a multi-dimensional surface, and often times the excess soapy residue left in the carpet leads to rapid resoiling and premature fiber wear.

Carpet Cover Up Fragrances- These cover up fragrances used by carpet cleaners also contribute to indoor pollution and possible allergic reactions.

Solutions- So is there an alternative to the harsh chemical residue and cover up fragrances used your carpets?  YES!

  1. Do not wait too long to get your carpets cleaned. Periodical cleaning is needed to maintain the health of your carpets. Carpet cleaning frequency is determined by the size of the area and the number of people and pets inhabiting the area.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) suggests that homeowners clean their carpets every 6-12 months.This frequency will change depending on these factors: If you have kids, pets or if someone in your home has asthma or allergies, it’s advisable to do it even more frequently. Regular cleaning will not only improve your home’s appearance, but it will eliminate germs and allergens, improve your home’s indoor air quality and extend the life of your carpeting.

  1. Make sure your carpet cleaner is knowledgeable, certified experienced in carpet cleaning.
  2. Make sure only eco-friendly cleaning products are used.
  3. Vacuum often with a good quality vacuum. Vacuuming alone removes most of the soil load from carpets, preserving your carpet investment and helping to maintain a clean indoor air.

If odor remains, we can help. Many times, cleaning alone will not solve an odor. That is typically when we get that call. We offer guaranteed odor removal services done in less than 24 hours and for ½ of the price of other odor removal methods. And it works!

Guaranteed Odor Removal

Often times, homes need more than cleaning to remove odors. They had their carpets and homes cleaned but the odor problem continued. Why? Besides odors in the carpets, odors can get into the many cracks and crannies of a home and they cannot be removed by normal cleaning procedures. This is where we come in. We especialize in odor elimination in the Castro Valley, CA and surrounding area.

Some of the odors we eliminate are:

Cigarette Smoke – Fire Smoke – Curry – Musty Odor – Urine and Feces -Dead Body (animal or human) – Skunk  –  ‘Old Folks Smell’ (you know what I’m talking about) – Marijuana, meth, cocaine, heroin, & many other narcotic odors.

Odor removal treatment is done within 24 Hrs for ½ of the cost of other system.

Quick Allergy Relief

Like odors, allergens get imbedded throughout the home and cannot be cleaned out with regular cleaning procedures. Quick Allergy Relief Treatment is done within within 24 hours and we guarantee allergy relief!

Mold Removal

We are certified with the PMII Professional Mold Inspection Institute and use a green sanitizing system that eliminates mold contamination and mold spores.

Partial list of Mold our system is known to eliminate

  •    Alternaria•    Ascospores •    Aspergillus/Penicillium
  •    Basidiospores  •    Bipolaris/Drechslera group
  •    Cercospora/Pseudocercospora•    Chaetomium
  •    Cladosporium•    Cladosporium sp.  •    Cladosporium sphaerospermum
  •    Curvularia•    Epicoccum•    Fusarium   •    Helicospores
  •    Myxomycetes/Periconia/Smuts   •    Nigrospora
  •    And Many More​

We offer mold removal services within 24 hours at ½ cost of other systems. Guaranteed!


We use a unique green sanitizing system to eliminate odors, allergens and mold at the root! No covering up or masking odors like other systems. Our system is versatile, in gas and liquid form to be used as each situation requires. At the core of our system is an almost miraculous solution, called CLO2, which is a proven product widely and safely used in water treatment plants, vegetable packing houses, and even in the grocery stores, in the form of the mist sprayed over the produces. More about CLO2.

“It’s got amazing firepower, it’s economical, and its environmental profile is safer than other choices. There’s nothing else out there that can compete.”  -Holzhaue, Food Safety Magazine

See more about our system here:

At Ideal Clean, we are proud to serve homeowners and businesses in the Tri-Valley. If you have any issues with odor, allergens or mold, we would love to help! We offer a FREE Inspection, no strings attached.

Ideal Clean specializes in providing Fast and Cost Effective SOLUTIONS TO YOUR ODOR, ALLERGEN AND MOLD PROBLEMS.

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